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Welcome To Book Palace Books

Book Palace Books publishes books that we ourselves are proud to put on our bookshelves. Consequently we take enormous care in all aspects of pre-production, scanning, printing and binding to produce the very best books possible.

We aim to publish the definitive edition of each subject and artist and our firm intention is to produce books that collectors will treasure. See Book Palace for our complete book inventory and Illustration Art Gallery for our wonderful and unique collection of original illustration art and prints.

We have just received these photos of the finished editions of Frank Bellamy's Heros the Spartan The Complete Adventures from our printers.

Heros the Spartan - click for LARGE pictures

Heros the Spartan Deluxe Limited Edition (600 copies)

Leatherbound Deluxe Edition (120 copies)

Leatherbound Deluxe Edition (120) in Slipcase (front)

Leatherbound Deluxe Edition (120) in Slipcase (back)

We expect to receive a couple of advance copies by the 16th September when we will post more photos. The full shipment arrives around October 10th when all advance orders will be mailed out.

This is an extemely limited edition with only 600 copies of the deluxe edition and 120 copies of the leather slipcased edition. Advance sales have now accounted for well over HALF the print run.

If you are a Bellamy admirer please do not miss out on the opportunity to own the finest British comic strip ever produced. We expect a complete sell out within months.

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Some of our latest books ...
illustrators #4

illustrators #4

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Jack Davis' EC Stories Artist's Edition

Jack Davis' EC Stories Artist's Edition

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Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland Red Label Edition (Signed) (Limited Edition)

Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland Red Label Edition (Signed) (Limited Edition)

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Illustration (UK magazine)  issue 35  Spring 2013

Illustration (UK magazine) issue 35 Spring 2013

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Les Yeux Du Chat (Cat's Eyes)

Les Yeux Du Chat (Cat's Eyes)

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Ref: YDC
Hurricane and Champion: The Companion Papers to Valiant

Hurricane and Champion: The Companion Papers to Valiant

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illustrators features the world's finest Illustrators

*** Click to visit the illustrators website for more details and to order ***

illustrators is the new art quarterly devoted to the finest illustration art ever published. It guides you through the stories behind the artists and their art, with features written by some of the leading authorities on this important art form.

As well as building into an indispensable reference library, illustrators provides commentary on how the artworks featured are created, giving readers an insight into the creative process, from idea to sketch to painting, and from painting to the image seen by millions.

Truly fabulous artwork abounds in every issue, much of the art taken from scans of the original work..

illustrators magazine is available on annual subscription (4 issues) or as separate issues:

15 per issue plus delivery    OR    UK: 55 for 4 issues post free to your door (save 5)
Europe: 77 for 4 issues sent by airmail
USA and Rest of World: 89 for 4 issues sent by airmail

a new art quarterly celebrating the world's finest illustrators

FOURTH ISSUE OUT NOW !!! - order now and secure your copy!

Take a look inside issue 4

King Solomon's Mines

King Solomon's Mines

Click for more details and to order...

Three British comic strips that boast the talents of Jesus Blasco, Mike Hubbard, Cecil Doughty, Bill Baker and John Millar Watt.

These collected strips are reproduced from original artboards and have never looked better.

Gathered together are three classic adaptations behind a Millar Watt cover: King Solomon's Mines, Allan Quatermain and Montezuma's Daughter, each written by the father of the lost world genre.

King Solomon's Mines is one of the most famous of all adventure novels: adventurer Allan Quatermain is asked to help find his friend's brother who is presumed lost deep in the unexplored interior of Africa whilst looking for the legendary King Solomon's Mines. The artwork is some of Bill Baker's best and one wonders why the equally talented C. L. Doughty took over part-way through.

Allan Quatermain: in mourning for his only son, Quatermain persuades his friends (jncluding Zulu chief Umslopogas) to accompany him into Maasai territory. Travelling by canoe, they find themselves in the kingdom of Zu-Vendis, a country ruled by an isolated warlike white race … The artwork in line & wash by Mike Hubbard.

Montezuma's Daughter: superbly adapted and penned by Jesus Blasco, Thomas Wingfield sets off to avenge the murder of his mother. After a brush with the Spanish Inquisition, shipwreck and slavery, his search leads him to the shores of Mexico where he is captured by the Aztecs. He is taken to the emperor who will decide hios fate. Then the Spaniards arrive …

click pics to see LARGE full page strips by Jesus Blasco and Mike Hubbard from the book ...



Author: H Rider Haggard, introduction by Steve Holland
Artists: Jesus Blasco, Mike Hubbard, C.L. Doughty, Bill Baker, John Millar Watt (cover)
Publisher: Book Palace Books, 2013 First Edition
Number of pages: 126
Format: Soft Cover; Black & White illustrations
Size: 8" x 12" (210mm x 297mm)
ISBN: 9781907081163


Heros the Spartan

Heros the Spartan

Click for more details and to pre-order ...

PRE-ORDER now! We are taking advance orders for this book with publication due October 2013. Reserve your copy now! As usual, no payment is made until your book is sent.

Limited edition of 600 copies - the book ALL Bellamy art fans have been waiting for

Yes, we have been working on this massive book for over a year and our research and scanning is nearing completion.

The overall size of the book will be the same as our enormous Wulf the Briton by Ron Embleton.

Click to see some extracts from Heros the Spartan

Artist: Frank Bellamy
Author: Tom Tully, Frank Bellamy
Publisher: Book Palace Books
Publication Date: due October 2013
Pages: 272 pages
Size: 11" x 14" (270mm x 360mm)
Format: Hard Cover
Illustrations: Full Colour
ISBN: 9781907081194


The Art of Denis McLoughlin

Click to take a peek inside the book!

Choose from two fabulous editions:
   * Limited edition of just 950 copies worldwide - price 45 (approximately $70 or 55 euro);
   * Deluxe Limited edition of just 120 copies worldwide signed by the author with numbered limited edition print and a 12-page facsimile edition Roy Carson comic - price 70 (approximately $108 or 84 euro).

This stunning new book is the definitive title on the life and art of this outstanding illustrator and positively gorges on his art.

order now and secure your copy!

Artist: Denis McLoughlin
Author: David Ashford, edited by Peter Richardson
Publisher: Book Palace Books
Publication Date: August 2012
First Edition.
Pages: 272 pages
Size: 9" x 12" (220mm x 297mm)
Format: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Illustrations: Full Colour
ISBN: 9781907081088

Written by David Ashford, one of McLoughlin's close friends, the book celebrates every aspect of the artist's career, from examples of his earliest work whilst still in uniform to his lengthy association with T.V. Boardman, for whom he produced hundreds of dust jackets for their Bloodhound crime series and their yearly best-selling Buffalo Bill Annual.

The Boardman covers are almost unique in British publishing history as no major publisher relied on a single artist to produce so many of their jackets. But tracking down useable examples has proved to be a long and gruelling process. As Peter says: "We needed high quality scans of all the covers we sought and the logistics of having to carry a scanner and computer to spend a day getting under the feet of a McLoughlin devotee, which would have secured us a reasonable number of scans but by no means all the ones I craved gave us pause for thought. Photographing the books would have been quicker, but the results are light years away from a scan. It simply wasn't an option.".

Hooking up with San Francisco-based collector Mark Terry gave fresh impetus to the book as Mark already had a network of contacts with collectors through his facsimile dustjacket business; the finished book will now contain dozens of examples, carefully restored.

The book contains many examples of McLoughlin's comic strips and a biography by David Ashford, as well as behind-the-scenes photos and examples of his original artwork.

The definitive book and biography of Denis McLouglin, packed with full colour images of his art and a complete bibliography.

The book features reproductions from the surviving original artwork, "pulls" in high quality print, never-before-seen photos chronicling the artist's life and page after page of some of the most stunning artwork ever to see print in the 20th century.
Ron Embleton's Wulf the Briton: The Complete Adventures

Ron Embleton's Wulf the Briton: The Complete Adventures

Click to take a peek inside the book!

All of Ron Embleton's Wulf the Briton stories, gloriously reproduced in colour to the very highest standard and at the same size as they originally apppeared in Express Weekly, with over 300 pages!

Wulf the Briton was without doubt Ron Embleton's comics masterpiece after he took over the strip - which was a single page cover feature on Express Weekly - in 1957.

Click for more on Ron Embleton's Wulf the Briton: The Complete Adventures


The Fleetway Picture Library Index volume 2: The Thriller Libraries

The Fleetway Picture Library Index volume 2: The Thriller Libraries

Click to take a peek inside the book!

Includes an unprecedented number of reproductions of original cover art and interior art pages, never before seen.

This eagerly awaited book is the second in a series of 3 volumes chronicling the full credits of all Fleetway Picture Libraries and contains a complete index of artists and writers for Thriller Picture Library, Cowboy Picture Library and Super Detective Library.

Every issue is covered as well as the Robin Hood, Kit Carson and Buck Jones Annuals. Packed with colour illustrations of every cover as well as reproductions of cover and interior original art, by Sep Scott, John Millar Watt, Patrick Nicolle, Alex Raymond, Ron Turner, Derek Eyles, Cecil Doughty, HM Brock, Eric Parker, Carlos Roume, Arturo del Castillo, Jesus Blasco, Ferdinando Tacconi, and many more.

Years of research have gone into producing this definitive, luxurious guide to these legendary British comics - truly a collector's treasure.

Click for more on The Fleetway Picture Library Index volume 2: The Thriller Libraries


Harvey Horrors Collected Works - Chamber of Chills Volume 1

Harvey Horrors Collected Works - Chamber of Chills Volume 1


All the Harvey tales of terror and suspense from these pre-code 1950s classic titles, printed together for the very first time in their entirety in this full color hardback limited edition collection in 15 volumes. Only 1,000 copies in total will be produced to cover all three editions.

Harvey Horrors originally published 26 issues of the Chamber of Chills in the 1950s. Now for the first time they have all been collected together in an exclusive 4 volume set. Each volume contains 6 or 7 complete issues reprinted for the very first time as a complete collection.

Featuring a special introduction from Joe Hill and illustration by Glenn Chadbourne and profiles of some of the genre’s leading artists, such as Al Avison, Lee Elias, Bob Powell and Vic Donahue, plus examples of their original artwork.

Volume 1 in full color covers June-December 1951 Issues 21 - 24 & February-April 1952 Issues 5 - 7.

Click for more on Harvey Horror's The Chamber of Chills - The Collected Works






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Wulf The Briton; The Don Lawrence Westerns; Fleetway Picture Library Index

We are immensely grateful for the plaudits we have received for these books - here are just a few from the top of the pile:

"Extraordinary beautiful! Big Size. Wonderful job with the restoration of the Technicolor. The best comic book of the year" [Wulf the Briton]

"Well, you promised they would be worth the wait and never was a truer word said"! [Wulf and The Don Lawrence Westerns]

"Wulf the Briton is literally brilliant – to have the entire series as well as the annuals in one place in such sparkling colours is a delight. The Don Lawrence Westerns are a revelation, and the Thriller Libraries book is also downright luxurious."

"My life is complete" [Fleetway Thriller Index]

"These will be collectors' items in the near future" [Wulf the Briton and Don Lawrence Westerns]

"the Wonderful Wulf the Briton & Don Lawrence Westerns ... they are books I'll enjoy and treasure for years"

"my edition of Wulf has arrived and I am speechless - I am going to reply properly ... I never expected anything so original & sumptuous & BIG!!"

"I love WULF, the size and the quality, everything!"

"The repro, the production and the features are all beyond excellent"   [Wulf the Briton]


US dollar $ and euro prices are approximate, based on exchange rates of 1 = $1.50 and 1 = 1,15

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