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Ranger The National Boys' Magazine

Book Palace Books | Recommended Books |  Ranger The National Boys' Magazine

Ranger The National Boys' Magazine
view Ranger The National Boys' Magazine

Price: 22.00 / 25.30 / $33.00

Ranger may not have lasted as long as Lion but it was home to some memorable stories and features, including one of comics' finest creations, 'The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire' featuring the artwork of Don Lawrence.

The book's creators' index also includes an astonishing array of famous names, including Frank Hampson, Ron Embleton, John Millar Watt, Mike Hubbard, Jesus Blasco, Colin Merrett, Graham Coton, Francis Marshall, Henry Seabright, Will Nickless and Theo Page.

With stories by talents as diverse as Captain W. E. Johns and John Creasey, Ranger was able to offer boys' some of the best reading material on offer, including Richard Armstrong's Carnegie Medal-winning novel Sea Change; its photos, cutaway drawings and heavily illustrated features covered everything from duels in the sky to exploding islands, from James Bond's DB6 to the Mariner Mars expedition.

Compiled by Steve Holland and David Slinn, this comprehensive tome explores the history and background of the magazine, its contents and its lasting legacy. The book also includes an extensive index to the paper's contents, as well as title and creators' indexes.

To give readers a flavour of the contents, the book also includes the full run of the 'Famous Fighting Aces' feature by Colin Merrett as well as two complete comic strips, 'The Adventures of Macbeth' by Ruggero Giovannini and 'Moby Dick' by Franco Caprioli.

Author: Compiled by Steve Holland and David Slinn
Artist: Various
Publisher: Bear Alley Books, 2013
Number of pages: 162
Format: Soft Cover; Black & White illustrations
Size: 8" x 11" (210mm x 290mm)
ISBN: 9781907081705
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Book Palace Books | Recommended Books |  Ranger The National Boys' Magazine

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